St. Andrew's Presbyterian Homes Foundation
Caring in Action


The St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation has profoundly impacted the quality of life in our Home.   Ever since the Home first opened in the early sixties, The Foundation has supported the staff to make sure that residents are cared for in the best possible manner.
— Claudette Surpris, Head Nurse
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Become a Friend of St. Andrew’s Seniors

Thanks to generous donors, we provide many seniors each year with exceptional support and care – whether they live at the St-Andrew Residential Centre or in their own homes. The St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation is a registered charitable organization, and 100% of our revenue comes from the generosity of individuals like yourself.  Donors provide the crucial support that helps us respond to the growing needs of our elderly. 

Please help us continue our mission of providing quality care and services to our senior population by becoming a Friend of St. Andrew’s Seniors today. You help our elderly go beyond having their basic needs met, to helping them improve their daily living and enriching their quality of life. Your contribution is a valuable investment in improving the lives of Anglophone seniors in our community and our city.  Together, our presence helps them enjoy healthier, safer, and more productive lives.

When you donate, you become a Friend of St. Andrew’s Seniors, standing together with us to provide important and accessible services to our growing population of seniors.
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How To Give

Give the gift of care, comfort, and quality of life by donating today!

No matter the size, every donation helps us achieve our goal of improving the level of care and comfort afforded for our esteemed elders. Together, through our “Caring in Action” efforts, we can successfully change the lives of our seniors.

 You can make your gift through any of the following convenient methods: 

Donate Online

Make a secure online donation through our page on Canada Helps.  You can make a one-time gift, or sustain our work as a monthly donor. 

By Cheque

Please make cheques payable to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation, and send to: 1195 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, QC, H3A 1H9.

In MemoriaM

Give in memory of a loved one. Contact Tracy Petzke at (514)916-7626 for more information. 


Planned Giving

Leave a legacy gift in your will or through your estate.  With a planned gift, you can help minimize your tax burden while ensuring support for years to come. If you are interested in making a planned gift, contact Sandy Steadman at (514) 799-5493.

Will: Making a small change in your will can make a big change in the life of a local senior. After looking after your family and friends, you may wish to leave a gift to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation. If you want to leave a gift, but have already prepared your will, there are two simple ways to donate:

  • Make a New Will – This is the simplest way. You can stipulate a fixed number of dollars or a percentage (Example: $5,000 or 5%). Once a new will is prepared, any wills written previously are void. It is best to do this with a professional advisor, such as a notary that you trust.

  • Amend Your Existing Will – Through a codicil, you can change a will that is already made. We again advise that you work with a trusted legal expert to amend any existing will.

Insurance Policy: By taking out a small insurance policy and making St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation the beneficiary, you can donate through your estate without affecting the amount left for friends and family. Talk to a trusted insurance advisor to find out more.

Matching “In Memoriam”:  Matching “In Memoriam” donations received from friends and family following your death can be a thoughtful way to show how much you support a specific charity.  You can ask that in lieu of flowers, donations are made to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation. (Example: $1000 is collected and your estate matches that with a $1000 donation, for a generous $2000 total donation.)