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Senior's Support Program


Seniors’ Support Program

Established in 2012, the Seniors’ Support Program helps elderly Presbyterians and their families navigate the often complex health and social services systems. By connecting seniors living in their own homes with a wide variety of health and community resources, we help seniors stay safer, more comfortable, and more independent— wherever they live.  

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Our innovative, holistic approach to care focuses on nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.  Our aim is to ensure our valued elders have the support they need today and in the years to come.  We have engaged highly skilled Service Care Providers to help meet their physical and psychological needs, and boost their spirits.  They encourage seniors to live as independently as possible in their homes, so that they can continue to lead productive lives in their communities.

The Program offers respite for family members and friends who act as caregivers, helping them provide the assistance and care needed by their loved ones.  They serve as advocates, health counselors, and resource people to assist in navigating the complex healthcare system and network of community resources. The Program may also provide financial assistance to Presbyterian seniors should an emergency arise.

If you are a Presbyterian senior in the Presbytery of Montreal and surrounding areas and need assistance, contact your church community or minister to connect you to the Seniors’ Support Program services.


Seniors’ Support Program, at a glance:
Since the Program’s inception in 2012, our Service Care Providers have:

  • Reached clients from 60% of the churches in the Presbytery

  • Made over 2,200 home visits to over 200 seniors

  • Average age of beneficiaries: 80-90 years

  • Age range of beneficiaries: 60 - 100 years

  • Through the support of the Program, most clients are able to remain living in their own home.



Our Service Care Providers for the Seniors’ Support Program

Service Care Providers focus on keeping seniors safe and secure in their own environments, by creating individualized strategic plans and solutions for a variety of situations.

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Mrs. Patricia Smith

As a Social Worker with over 35 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Patricia is qualified and adept at asking the right questions to help people access the services they need.


Ms. Cindy Morneault 

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Cindy helps our elderly stay healthy and active in their communities. A hospital Chaplain for 17 years, Cindy is uniquely equipped to approach and support seniors facing the challenges of aging.

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