St. Andrew's Presbyterian Homes Foundation
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St-Andrew Residential Centre


St-Andrew Residential Centre

The Foundation improves the quality of life for the 70 residents of the St-Andrew Residential Centre.  We work with staff, volunteers, and family members to ensure that our residents are able to age with respect and dignity.  We accomplish this by raising the funds needed to: 

  • provide specialized therapy, and equipment, 
  • facilitate services and activities for the happiness and well-being of all residents, and  
  • carry out capital improvements on the home to improve residents’ comfort.

We have bought furniture to make shared areas and bedrooms more comfortable and homey; engaged music, dance, and massage therapists to treat mental health issues and illnesses related to aging; purchased an audio entertainment system and portable physiotherapy equipment; and supported a myriad of recreation activities. Our initiatives are varied, but they have one thing in common: they leave residents feeling happier and more cared for. 


St-Andrew Residential Centre, at a glance: 

  • Average length of stay: 4-8 years (but some live much longer, especially if admitted when younger)
  • Average Age: 79 years 
  • Age range: between 65 and over 100 years 
  • 50% of residents have some form of dementia
  • Over 85% are in wheelchairs and require assistance with personal needs such as toileting, bathing and/or eating