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Where Your Money Goes

Your contribution to the Foundation has a positive impact on the quality of life of our seniors and enables them to continue to live active and fulfilled lives. 

Your contribution to the Foundation has a positive impact on the quality of life of our seniors and enables them to continue to live active and fulfilled lives. 

Thanks to our many donors, the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation serves seniors in our community and their families through the St-Andrew Residential Centre and the Senior’s Support Program. 



St-Andrew Residential Centre

The Foundation enhances residents’ lives, and provides opportunities that would not otherwise be possible - from the building of the Lawrence G. McDougall Solarium and the refurbishing of the Grace Henry Lounge, to furnishing residents’ rooms, to funding for our much-loved therapy programs and recreation activities.
— Claudette Surpris, Head Nurse
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From Isolation to Connection, Through Dance

“The St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation was one of the first organizations to see how this pioneering program promotes health and well-being. They set a wonderful example of the benefits of dance therapy for clients in other health and social services organizations and schools across Montreal.” -Christian Sénéchal (Director, National Centre for Dance Therapy of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal)

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of the Foundation, the Home partnered with the National Centre for Dance Therapy to offer an exceptional new program.  Through this initiative, residents with cognitive impairment, who may be otherwise isolated by the disease, are able to connect with family, staff, and volunteers.
— Claudette Surpris, Head Nurse
My mother really enjoys the new dance therapy sessions with Tania.  It is more difficult for my mother to speak, but the music and movement provide an alternate way for her to express herself, and she is much happier afterwards. Thank you for providing these amazing resources for residents at the St-Andrew Residential Centre.
— Georgette An-Kye, daughter of resident Denise Foo-Chong

Programs and infrastructure

I could not organize our exceptional programming, entertainment, and holiday celebrations without the support of the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation. The Foundation recently purchased state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to enhance our music programs, individual activities, and Sunday church services. Now, residents can more fully participate; they can hear better thanks to the excellent speakers, and they can see the large print on the screen to follow the lyrics of both songs during services and the hits on Karaoke night.” - Elaine Grant, Recreation Technician

We were very fortunate to have our mother spend the last ten years of her life at the St-Andrew Residential Centre.  Not only was she well taken care of by the staff and given special attention by the many great volunteers, but the extra services made available by the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation made her final years more pleasant and enjoyable. A great lover of music and song, my mother benefited from the different weekly musicians and parties on special occasions in the Lawrence G. McDougall Solarium, created by the Foundation.  The renovated Grace Henry Lounge on the main floor gave residents a pleasant setting to receive visitors, while music and massage therapy helped residents with dementia, aches and pains.  Many thanks to the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation for making the St-Andrew Residential Centre a comfortable, pleasant, and happy environment for residents.
— Marilyn Francoeur, daughter of the late Florence McLaughlin
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“I visit with my wife, Joan-Louisa every day, and I am so grateful for the support of the Foundation. In the winter, we spend many afternoons together in the sunny solarium. In the summer, we love to sit on the patio enjoying the flowers and watching the birds. It also brings such joy to me to see Joan-Louisa so relaxed and happy after her massage therapy sessions with Trish. Thank you ever so much.”

-Brian McGuire, husband of resident Joan-Louisa

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Senior's Support Program

Established in 2012, the Seniors’ Support Program assists elderly Presbyterians and their families navigate the often complex health and social services systems. By connecting seniors living in their own homes with a wide variety of health and community resources, we help seniors stay safer, more comfortable, and more independent— wherever they live.  

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Our Stories: How Your Support Changes Lives

Without the provider, my cancer treatments would have been a total failure - there is no possible way I could have managed without a volunteer driver.  The provider’s knowledge of the hospital, guidance, and support helped me to be where I am today.
— F. Legere
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“Thank you...

for your invaluable assistance in helping us prepare my aunt to live with us. My aunt had become increasingly isolated and unable to take care of herself, with no family close by. Eventually, she found it too difficult to even go to church.

The Service Care Provider befriended her and became a person she could trust. Over a six-week period, we partnered with the provider to prepare my aunt to move. As my aunt became increasingly anxious and was not able to complete many tasks, the provider’s help was both logistically practical and emotionally vital. Our trip to Montreal to bring my aunt home with us was successful, and she is settled in well. We could not have done this without your help.”

-P and S Baillie

I don’t know how I would cope without our Service Care Provider.  My husband and I have trips to the kidney doctor, blood tests, and visits to the hospital every few weeks.  The provider is always patient and pleasant.  We appreciate her help and thank God every night for having her.
— G Forbes
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I will never forget...

the compassion the provider showed when she brought me home from the hospital after a devastating diagnosis. Her service was unique; other volunteers provide transportation to and from the hospital door, while the provider stays with her clients and envelopes them in a cocoon of love and concern. My husband and I are most grateful for the assistance you have given us, and applaud the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation for establishing this service for Presbyterian seniors.”

-M De Silva


The Service Care Provider’s work in the Presbytery is a wonderful initiative that responds to real needs in our community and makes significant differences in the lives of our older members.  Our provider is currently working with a number of members of our church, and they unanimously report back how much they appreciate her help. 

She has been with one couple in our congregation through every step, often attending meetings to support the husband as life-changing decisions were being made.  Because she had a history with them, when crisis arose it was easier for her to be accepted and to offer the help they needed. This is exactly how this is supposed to work, and does justice to the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation’s original vision for this program.”

-Rev. I Fraser, Retired Minister of St. Columba-by-the-Lake

We are most grateful for the assistance the provider continues to give to seniors in our congregation.  Her knowledge of the healthcare system and willingness to spend long hours when needed, all offered with compassion and friendship, are invaluable.  The St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation is to be commended for establishing this sorely needed service.”

-Dan De Silva, Former Chair, Westminster Presbyterian Church


“We all hope this happy cooperation between the presbytery and the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation’s program will continue for a long time.” -Presbyterian Presbytery of Montreal and surrounding areas

-Michael Pettem, Clerk of Session